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Obtain Water Feature Construction From Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance

Water Features To Make Your Bend Landscaping Beautiful And Unique

Imagine having a birdbath in your backyard as the water overflows the sides to gather in a small Koi pond near some lovely cypress trees. Or how about several vases with water cascading down as the water creates a small stream that weaves around your patio area. Water features allow you to add a unique aspect to your Bend Oregon landscape as it provides you with an appealing look as well as the beautiful sound of rushing waters that reduces stress.

Water Feature Consultation And Construction In Bend Oregon

Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance can create the water feature of your dreams that will have your family and friends talking about it for years. If you have a vision of a water feature that complements your Bend landscaping, we can try to make your vision into a reality through a construction consultation.

Before one shovel touches the ground, we want to find out what exactly you want to have on your property. We will ask questions such as what type of feature you desire, how large you want the water feature to be and where you would like to have the water feature set up on your property. Through this careful consultation, you can pick out which specific water feature will work out the best as we can develop several price estimates based on your choices.

Types of water features we can install on your property include:

• Bubbling rocks
• Bird baths
• Custom-drilled basalt pillars
• Flowing streams
• Bubbling brooks
• Bogs
Koi ponds
• Disappearing “pondless” streams and waterfall features
• Irrigation and retention ponds
• Ponds with floating/aeration fountains

Have the water feature that complements the rest of your Bend, Oregon lanbend waterscapingdscape with water feature construction from Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. We can build small or large water features based on the amount of property you have to dedicate to having such a beautiful landscape aspect. Listen to the bubbling water and watch it rush across your lawn during those relaxing evenings spent outside.

So give Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance a call today so we can begin the water feature consultation. Let us help you create the water feature that is best suited to your personality, design theme and overall look of your landscaping..