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Bend Oregon Water Feature Management By Alpine View Landscaping And Maintenance

Maintain Your Water Feature So That It Looks Great And Lasts A Lifetime

So you have the perfect water feature created by Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. It looks sensational as friends and neighbors have talked about it for weeks. As the seasons begin to change and your work schedule gets busier, you find yourself spending less time with the maintenance of your Bend landscaping.

Don’t let your water feature fall into disrepair. Algae and debris can clog your filters and contaminate the water, costing tons of money to repair your system. With careful water feature service performed by Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance, we can ensure your water feature functions properly for years to come.

Water Feature Services For Bend Landscaping

Whether you have an existing water feature or a newly installed one, you need to maintain it so that the water feature continues to function properly. There are dozens of moving parts to water features that can get worn out and break down. Minimize your repair costs by having Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance perform water feature services for your landscape in Bend Oregon. We can provide yearly maintenance programs suited to your landscape and your budget.

Spring Start-Up Service

Get your water feature in tip-top condition to get it running during the warmer months with spring start-up services from Alpine View Landscaping and Maintenance. Spring services we provide include:

• Complete and thorough inspection of your water feature system
• Repair or replacement of worn or defective parts and materials (cost to be determined)
• Aesthetic adjustments and improvements

Spring and Fall Cleaning

After inspecting your water feature, we can determine the amount of cleaning we can provide. We can clean up ponds and clean out filtration systems until they are in working order again. Cleaning services for water features and ponds are:

• Major cleanup or restoration of pond and water feature
• Removal of fish (when applicable)
• Draining pond or feature based on the structural condition of the pond, contamination of the water and pond water volume
• Removal of organic debris such as needles, decomposing leaves, pine cones, and other objects
• Pressure washing off algae, water drains and stained/discolored rocks in pond
• Draining out algae and contaminants and refilling pond as required (usually 4 to 5 cycles)
• Cleaning out filter box
• Cleaning out bio-falls filtration media
• Refilling water feature
• Reconfiguring rocks and stream flow (if required) before starting up the system
• Treating water with natural active bacterium and water-ager when fish are in the pond